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Jon Griffin

Adjunct Professor
Food & Beverage Department
University of Nevada Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway,
P.O. Box 455015


Email: jon.griffin@unlv.edu

Welcome to Jon Griffin’s site at UNLV

With el maestro Richard Egües in HavanaThe contents of this webpage are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the university, and in most cases don’t. This site will never be done so please forgive any links that don’t work or incomplete thoughts!

About Me

I am an adjunct professor and teach all about beer. That marvelous beverage with a long and storied history. I am a brewer that has brewed both professionally and as a home brewer.

How Did I Get Here

I have always loved beer and started homebrewing many moons ago. I then went crazy and opened a home brewing supply store in Las Vegas, 2 of them to be exact (Nevada Brew and Wine Supply, and Brew Kits.com). I was asked by Dr. Andy Feinstein to teach the beers class (FAB 367) after John Curtis (another avid brewer), moved to Maryland.I taught my first class with Adam Carmer (of the Freakin’ Frog), and we often guest teach in each others classes. We both feel that it is beneficial to have 2 different perspectives (i.e. the brewer and the retailer).

My teaching style is casual, but I also hold students accountable. Coming first from industry, I try to make class applicable to the job market. In most jobs there are no tests other than getting your check and coming back the next day. There is no cheating, and most enlightened managers understand that collaboration is the key to both learning and getting the job done. I strive for that in my classroom. Group discussion is encouraged, and I fully support problem based learning as the most realistic way to teach.

Enough about that though, all work and no play… well you know the story!

Other Interests

I also am passionate about music, specifically jazz and Cuban music.I went to the Grove School of Music in 1984 and have been professionally involved in music since 1980 when I was discharged from the United States Coast Guard. I have a house in Cuba, and have studied with many different professors as well as recording both music and creating documentary movies about Cuba. I have also written a book on El Tres Cubano – The Cuban Tres, published by Music Sales Corp, New York.

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