Oxford Companion of Beer Review (part 1)

Oxford Companion to Beer

As a contributor of 10 articles to the Oxford Companion to Beer that is edited by Garrett Oliver, I wanted to take a little time before I wrote my own review. However, I decided to put up a tiny review of the book and start to address some of the controversy surrounding it. Believe it or not, there is a small, but vocal minority that seems to want to bash the book.

I don’t mind academic debate, but  the piling on is getting a little ridiculous at this point. Even Amazon has put a hold on the book because some people have complained that the book isn’t what it is represented as. The majority of the controversy is based on some British historical controversy, a tiny bit of the book. Even then, it is one “historian” that is refuting the discourse, and a group of followers that appear to not do any of their own research agreeing and recommending the book not be bought.

Let’s get one thing straight, every book has errors, that is why books have second editions. Not only that, knowledge changes, and history can certainly, at least in some aspects, be updated as more evidence is uncovered. Especially when we are talking about a time when most people didn’t read or write.

You can read my review of the Oxford Companion to Beer part 1 on my website. Agree with me or not, please leave comments on that site.


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